30 August 2011

The Beginning of Days I

The first set of pages from my personal adaptation of Tolkien's, The Silmarillion:


  1. Oh my god, this blog is a hidden treasure of much valuable art! There are plenty of artists portraying their concepts of Tolkien out there, but you did outrageously well! I guess it is not all about the technique, but you seem really inspired and those who see your Tolkien art can feel the love you put on it! :D

    Oh and when you say "my own graphic novel adaptiation of The Silmarillion" do you intend to actually commercialize it? or to keep publishing on internet? anyway I hope to hear about it, even knowing it's been time since you posted something here...

    best regards!

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words! I'm always glad to hear from other fans of Tolkien--especially ones that like my interpretations of his work :)

      When I do get the chance to continue my work on my adaptation, I wouldn't intend to commercialize, but to share freely with other fans across the internet. It has indeed been far too long since I posted here, but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes and I have a full-time job and contracted projects that have to come first. Do keep an eye on the blog though since as soon as I have any updates they will show up here first!

      Be well!