30 August 2011

Of Dwarves and Trees

These are my initial concepts for both the Dwarf Lords and the Two Trees.

I cannot begin to describe how much I love the story of the Dwarves' creation. In trying to conceptualize these early, primitive attempts at creating life, I wanted the seven fathers no to be Dwarves already, but more like playthings, which is is basically what Aule intended them to be at first. It is interesting to me that despite this naive beginning, the early Dwarves retained much of their creator's personality, including his faults. I'd like to think that all parties involved, Aule, Yavanna, and Iluvatar, knew the dangers of these early beings...and yet they chose to keep them within the circles of world...food for thought.

Anyway, the trees changed for the actual pages...but I find myself still drawn to these initial concepts. I like that they are essentially normal trees. I like to think of the power of the Valar as organic--natural, whereas the dark forces are supernatural and contrived. In changing the trees, I think I lost sight of what I originally intended them to represent. I think I'll change them back one magical day when Time graces me with its presence.

These characters do not belong to me. They are (c) the Tolkien Estate.

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