30 August 2011

The First Dark Lord

It had to happen eventually...

Morgoth is the one part of the epic I am most worried about portraying. Not only does his character deteriorate and change exceedingly fast, but he is supposed to be the most fearsome and terrifying character in all the world. How does one draw pure evil?

What I decided to focus on is the transformation from a Valar of power to a vapid and soulless being obsessed with keeping his power. I feel that it is how we change that says most about who we are. In Morgoth's case, he loses sight of true power and so I covered his face, more and more, so that in the end he is no longer anything like his Valar brethren.

I also gave him reverse eyes (light pupils surrounded by black) because nothing weirds me out more than something wrong with someone's eyes.

These characters do not belong to me. They are (c) the Tolkien Estate.

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